First to the Future Radio will be featuring shows of interest for the NextGen IBS Home. Check back after the show for our featured interviews.

The 10th Anniversary NextGen at the 2012 International Builders' Show will be a prototype of a Series of NextGen Lifestyle Homes, called NextGen Companion Homes™ to be marketed by affiliates across the country. Designed by the award winning Martin Architectural Group and its Green Studio team led by Mike Rosen, features in the home will include:
  • Small footprint - the future of the American Home will result in lower monthly utility costs
  • The main module is common to many of the floor plans
  • Home buyers can mix & match modules to select their floor plan, then choose the look of the exterior they like best
  • Interlocking Architectural Modules - modules may be added later as the family needs change
  • CoreWall - the engine for the home that contains the key plumbing, electrical and connected home systems
  • Key NextGen Approved products will come with every home to receive the NextGen Approved logo.
  • Green friendly products and features
The next steps after IBS 12 will be a soft launch where a limited number of homes will be sold and the hard launch will happen at the 2013 IBS in Las Vegas.

In Development

NextGen Townhomes, multi-family apartments and mixed use developments, designed by the Martin Architectural Group, are in the planning stages of integrating the core interlocking architectural modules.

The Latest in NextGen Products to be Showcased

Products so new they are not yet available, but coming soon, will be featured in the NextGen Home. For example the Philips award winning LED replacement bulb, a 60 Watt equivalent light bulb that will have a significant impact on the lighting industry, along with the SEISCO point of use tankless hot water line that will be a leap forward in hot water heating. New products from DECRA, SAVANT, Whirlpool and many others will also be represented in the home.


Please Note: Others may use the word "NextGen" to describe their homes, but it is not an official NextGen Home unless it's from the NextGen Home Experience®

NextGen Home Experience® is a registered trademark of Inc. Only the NextGen Home Experience® licensed affiliates may use the term NextGen associated with the word Home to be officially sanctioned.

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